Sioux Empire Fair sees record attendance

The 76th Annual Sioux Empire Fair was a huge success again this year, with the help of Robert Sharp and Associates and their support of the event for the fourth year running. This year’s fair saw an increase in attendance of 14.5% from 2014, bringing in 321,443 guests to the annual event, which opened on … Read More

Marketing Efforts at the South Dakota State Fair

For the seventh year, Robert Sharp and Associates helps to put on, host, and market the South Dakota State Fair, which took place September 3-7, 2015. With the goal of increasing attendance each year, RSA sets out to improve events and gather crowds that are guaranteed to have a great time and enjoy everything that … Read More

WordPress now powers 25% of the web

  … but it is definitely the wrong choice for your business website.   WordPress is by far the most popular website platform available, now powering one in every four websites. The reasons for this popularity are easy to see, WordPress is easy to install, easy to use, and is perceived to be low cost. … Read More

New Website: Somerset Court

Somerset Court, a retirement community with locations in Rapid City, SD and Minot, ND engaged Robert Sharp & Associates to produce a visually pleasing and search engine friendly website. The team at RSA engaged Somerset Court’s staff and community in order to build a website that is not only highly functional, but user friendly and … Read More

Mobile Responsive websites are about to get the nod from Google

In a digital world where everything changes faster than most humans can imagine, it is important as a business owner or manager to at least keep up with the ‘big stuff.’ We are talking about the stuff online that can have a large impact on your business, including being found on the web. April 21 … Read More

Tourism Conference 2015
Marketing Ideas. Service. Results.

For almost 10 years, Robert Sharp & Associates (RSA) has attended the Governor’s Conference on Tourism to support influential clients in the hospitality and tourism industry, including Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and Reptile Gardens – one of the only tourism-based businesses to see an increase in revenue and attendance in 2014. In 2015, RSA is helping … Read More

Online Community Culture & the Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™

Anyone can see the Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™ draws a huge crowd with an exorbitant number of people! The streets flood with visitors and the hills rumble with motorcycle reverberations. But participation is so much more than a headcount spanning a week’s time. In a growing digital age with online hubs, like Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™ website, … Read More

Web Tools of The Trade #2, pseudo-elements

When it comes to building web pages the fundamental building block is a rectangle. A page may contain elements that look rounded or circular or zig-zagged or any manner of things, but anything that is not rectangular in appearance falls into two categories. Either it is a bitmap image, created using an image manipulation program … Read More

Web Tools of The Trade #1: CSS Gradients

Need a fresh take on your site or a new website all together?

Web Doohicky #1: The Accordion

What Is An Accordian? An accordion is a set of content sections that can be collapsed, so more content can be fit into a smaller area. The name “accordion” comes from the bellows of an accordion, which expand and contract as the accordion is played. Try it out below. This is the title of a … Read More

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